How to Install camo in Ubuntu 18.04

Install camo by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install camo


SSL/TLS image proxy to prevent mixed-content warnings

Camo is an image proxy to prevent mixed content warnings on secure pages. . It should not be installed by an end-user; instead people who operate websites that allow user-specified image embeds by URL can run this as a daemon to proxy such images through their own servers and serve the resulting content over SSL/TLS. . This provides integrity protection and last-mile confidentiality to images, thus preventing a local network attacker from seeing the images you request (allowing for possible disclosure of the content you're viewing) or changing their content (to misinform, confuse, or shock). . It of course does not prevent an attacker from modifying the content or noticing its access if the attacker is in the path between your datacentre and the image source. . However, even in this case, it provides some security insofar as it may prevent the attacker from knowing who is accessing the image. . Using a shared key, proxy URLs are encrypted with hmac so we can bust caches/ban/rate limit if needed. . Features include: * Proxy Google charts * Proxy images under 5 MB * Follow redirects to a configurable depth * Proxy remote images with a content-type of image/* * Disallows proxying to private IP ranges


Version: 2.3.0+dfsg-1.1

Section: universe/web