How to Install calf-plugins in Ubuntu 18.04

Install calf-plugins by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install calf-plugins


Calf Studiogear - audio effects and sound generators

The Calf plugins include all todays frequently used studio effects along with some feature-rich sound processors. . Calf Studiogear is designed to run under the most flexible plugin standard in Linux, namely LV2. So you're able to insert them in lots of plugin-capable audio software like Ardour, Rosegarden and others. . The Calf Rack offers you all Calf effects and synthesizers in an easy-to-use studio rack. Wire the effects through Jack to build your own studio environment and trigger the sound processors live or through a MIDI sequencer or tracker. . Calf Rack supports LADISH level 1.


Version: 0.0.60-5

Section: universe/sound