How to Install c++-annotations in Ubuntu 18.04

Install c++-annotations by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install c++-annotations


Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++

The C++ Annotations offer an extensive tutorial about the C++ programming language. It can be used as a textbook for C/C++ programming courses. . This document is intended for knowledgeable users of C (or any other language using a C-like grammar, like Perl or Java) who would like to know more about, or make the transition to, C++. This document is the main textbook for Frank's C++ programming courses, which are yearly organized at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. . The C++ Annotations do not cover all aspects of C++, though. In particular, C++'s basic grammar, which is, for all practical purposes, equal to C's grammar, is not covered. For this part of the C++ language, the reader should consult other texts, like a book covering the C programming language. . This package installs C++ Annotations packages for all available formats, including: - plain ascii text - LaTeX (including a .dvi file) - PostScript - pdf - html The postscript, pdf and LaTeX formats were constructed for two different paper-sizes: A4 and legal. . If you do not require all of the available formats, you may prefer to install one or more of the following c++-annotations-{format} packages instead: - c++-annotations-html - c++-annotations-txt - c++-annotations-latex - c++-annotations-pdf - c++-annotations-ps - c++-annotations-dvi


Version: 10.9.2-1

Section: universe/devel