How to Install bzrtools in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bzrtools by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bzrtools


Collection of tools for bzr

This package contains a collection of plugins for bzr - a distributed version control system. Some of these tools may work their way into bzr itself at some point, and some are just convenient addons useful for day to day operations. . bzrtools actually includes: * rspush: Push local changes to a remote server using rsync instead sftp. * graph-ancestry: Use graphviz to produce graphs of branch ancestry. * shell: Start up a command interpreter that run bzr natively, providing autocompletion. * patch: Apply a specified patch to your tree, that can be a file or URL. * heads: Show all revisions in a repository not having descendants.


Version: 2.6.0-3

Section: devel