How to Install byacc-j in Ubuntu 18.04

Install byacc-j by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install byacc-j


Berkeley YACC parser generator extended to generate Java code

BYACC/J is an extension of the Berkeley v 1.8 YACC-compatible parser generator. . Standard YACC takes a YACC source file, and generates one or more C files from it, which if compiled properly, will produce a LALR-grammar parser. This is useful for expression parsing, interactive command parsing, and file reading. Many megabytes of YACC code have been written over the years. . This is the standard YACC tool that is in use every day to produce C/C++ parsers. . I have added a "-J" flag which will cause BYACC to generate Java source code, instead. So there finally is a YACC for Java now!


Version: 1.15-1build3

Section: universe/devel