How to Install bve-route-cross-city-south in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bve-route-cross-city-south by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bve-route-cross-city-south


Birmingham Cross-City South (for OpenBVE rail simulator)

Very accurate train simulator route stretching from Redditch to Birmingham New Street station in the United Kingdom. The line is electrified, starting off single-track in the countryside before reaching the inner metropolitan area. Length: 15 miles (25 km). . The route contains multiple timetables and varied activities for different seasons and times of day... including blanket snow! . A suitable train is the British Rail Class 323 EMU. The route stops at the purple-coloured Bournville station next Cadbury's chocolate factory. . This version of the Birmingham Cross-City South route has been specially prepared for inclusion with openBVE, and is released into the public domain.


Version: 1.31.08-0ubuntu2

Section: universe/games