How to Install bugs-everywhere in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bugs-everywhere by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bugs-everywhere


distributed bug tracking system using VCS storage

Bugs Everywhere is a “distributed bug tracker”, designed to complement a distributed version control system (VCS). By using a distributed VCS as a back-end for bug state, it gains several convenient features: . * Bugs and code that live on branches are tracked together. * Users can fully modify bug state while offline. * When a user checks out a project’s source code, she gets the current bug state for free. * A web interface to the bug database becomes just another client that merges with the main repository. . Bugs Everywhere currently supports the following VCS back-ends: . * GNU Arch (tla, baz) * Bazaar (bzr) * git * Mercurial (hg) * Darcs * Monotone (mtn) * GNU RCS


Version: 1.1.1-4

Section: universe/devel