How to Install budgie-dropby-applet in Ubuntu 18.04

Install budgie-dropby-applet by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install budgie-dropby-applet


Applet to popup when a USB device is connected

This is part of a suite of python3 based applets for the Budgie Desktop that provide additional user orientated capabilities. The applets can be used individually or as a set. . The DropBy applet pops up in the panel when connecting a usb device. The applet subsequently offers the option(s) to mount, unmount/eject and in case of a flash drive, to make a local copy of the drive's content. The info shows the free space on the volume. . The applet is context- sensitive, meaning: it only shows its icon in the panel if, and as long as, any usb drive is connected.


Version: 0.4.4-0ubuntu1

Section: universe/misc