How to Install browser-plugin-freshplayer-libpdf in Ubuntu 18.04

Install browser-plugin-freshplayer-libpdf by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install browser-plugin-freshplayer-libpdf


PPAPI-host NPAPI-plugin adapter for from Chrome

The main goal of the project is to get PPAPI (Chrome) plugins working in Firefox (and any other web-browser supporting NPAPI plugins). It implements a wrapper which behaves like browser to PPAPI plugin and implements NPAPI plugin interface for browser to use. . This particular implementation doesn't implement any sandboxing, which means any malicious code can break through plugin security as there are no additional barriers. This is the same level of security as NPAPI Flash have. . This package allows one to use the plugin from Chrome in NPAPI web browsers.


Version: 0.3.5-1ubuntu7

Section: multiverse/web