How to Install bosixnet-webui in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bosixnet-webui by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bosixnet-webui


Build Own IPv6 Network (server utilities)

Project should be useful when you have to administer many computers distributed through different networks and connected via NAT. In most of cases you may just install miredo, gogoc or any other tunnel broker's software and these computers will be available via IPv6 addresses. BOSixNet includes the collection of tools for automatic updating the list of such hosts. . This package provides the FastCGI program which passively listens for incoming connections and generates list of hosts in your IPv6 network which may be put directly into /etc/hosts. Program has very few dependencies and it may be easily launched on embedded devices.


Version: 1.9-1

Section: universe/net