How to Install bluedevil in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bluedevil by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bluedevil


KDE Bluetooth stack

BlueDevil is a set of components which integrate Bluetooth in KDE. It contains: * A KDE Control Module (KCM) to configure all the Bluetooth-related options. * Integration with the KDE input/output system (KIO), which allows you to discover and explore Bluetooth devices from your favorite file browser. * A wizard to pair your devices and connect directly to services they offer, such as input (mouse, keyboard, Wiimote) and audio (headsets, phones). * A system tray application from where all BlueDevil actions can be done (disconnect devices, send files, configure, etc). * A daemon which listens to incoming requests, for example to receive files or to introduce a requested PIN.


Version: 4:5.12.4-0ubuntu1

Section: universe/net