How to Install blkreplay-examples in Ubuntu 18.04

Install blkreplay-examples by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install blkreplay-examples


block device testing and benchmarking toolkit (examples)

blkreplay is a utility driving the block layer of the operating system while measuring latency and throughput of I/O operations for later visualisation. . blkreplay can create artificial loads (random read-write sweeps, various kinds of overload tests) or replay natural loads which have been recorded by blktrace or a similar utility run at production servers. . blkreplay can be used to test physical hardware, to compare different brands of hard disks or RAID controllers, to evaluate the effect of SSD caching, to compare different block level transports like iSCSI vs Fibrechannel and so on. . This package contains example configuration files and example loads, artifician and natural.


Version: 1.0-3build1

Section: universe/utils