How to Install blixem in Ubuntu 18.04

Install blixem by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install blixem


interactive browser of sequence alignments

Blixem is an interactive browser of sequence alignments that have been stacked up in a "master-slave" multiple alignment; it is not a 'true' multiple alignment but a 'one-to-many' alignment. . * Overview section showing the positions of genes and alignments around the alignment window * Detail section showing the actual alignment of protein or nucleotide sequences to the genomic DNA sequence. * View alignments against both strands of the reference sequence. * View sequences in nucleotide or protein mode; in protein mode, Blixem will display the three-frame translation of the reference sequence. * Residues are highlighted in different colours depending on whether they are an exact match, conserved substitution or mismatch. * Gapped alignments are supported, with insertions and deletions being highlighted in the match sequence. * Matches can be sorted and filtered. * SNPs and other variations can be highlighted in the reference sequence. * Poly(A) tails can be displayed and poly(A) signals highlighted in the reference sequence.


Version: 4.44.1+dfsg-2build1

Section: universe/science