How to Install blcr-testsuite in Ubuntu 18.04

Install blcr-testsuite by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install blcr-testsuite


Userspace tools to Checkpoint and Restart Linux processes

BLCR (Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart) allows programs running on Linux to be "checkpointed" (written entirely to a file), and then later "restarted". . BLCR can checkpoint both single- and multithreaded (pthreads) programs linked with the NPTL implementation of pthreads. BLCR is also able to save and restore groups of related processes together with the pipes that connect them. . This package contains the testsuite needed to verify and diagnose problems with the local BLCR kernel module.


Version: 0.8.5-2.3

Section: universe/misc