How to Install bittornado in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bittornado by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bittornado


bittorrent client (and tracker) with console and curses interfaces

BitTornado is a bittorrent client built on the original BitTorrent client from BitTorrent Inc. This client features a console and curses mode, lots of features, and is one of the original bittorrent clients created. . Features include: * upload/download speed limitation * prioritised downloading when downloading batches (several files) * detailed information about connections to other peers * encryption (PE/MSE) support (with the recommended python-crypto) * console mode for running from scripts * curses mode for running interactively * tracker for the distribution of files . This package contains the console and curses interfaces, and a bittorrent tracker, install the package bittornado-gui to get the GUI components. See the bittorrent package for a description of what bittorrent is.


Version: 0.3.18-10.3

Section: net