How to Install bitlbee-libpurple in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bitlbee-libpurple by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bitlbee-libpurple


IRC to other chat networks gateway (using libpurple)

This program can be used as an IRC server which forwards everything you say to people on other chat networks: Jabber (which includes Google Talk), ICQ, AIM, MSN and Twitter. . This package contains a version of BitlBee that uses the libpurple instant messaging library instead of built-in code, which adds support for more IM protocols (all protocols supported by Pidgin/Finch) and features (like file transfers), at the price of being less lightweight. . If you don't need the extra features, it's better to use the built-in code.


Version: 3.5.1-1build1

Section: universe/net