How to Install bindfs in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bindfs by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bindfs


mirrors or overlays a local directory with altered permissions

bindfs is a FUSE filesystem for mirroring a directory to another directory, similarly to mount --bind. The permissions of the mirrored directory can be altered in various ways. . Some things bindfs can be used for: - Making a directory read-only. - Making all executables non-executable. - Sharing a directory with a list of users (or groups). - Modifying permission bits using rules with chmod-like syntax. - Changing the permissions with which files are created. . Non-root users can use almost all features, but most interesting use-cases need user_allow_other to be defined in /etc/fuse.conf.


Version: 1.13.7-1

Section: universe/utils