How to Install bilibop-rules in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bilibop-rules by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bilibop-rules


device management rules for OS running from external media

Bilibop helps to maintain a Debian GNU/Linux operating system installed on an external media (USB, FireWire, Flash memory, eSATA). It hardens standard rules and policies to make the system more robust in this particular situation. . This package provides a udev rules file to manage the external drive hosting the running system. Its main goal is to forbid low-level write access on this drive and its partitions by any unprivileged user or application, but some other convenient and optional rules have been added for desktop-level management (in desktop environments based on udisks2) of the system disk and partitions, as well as the internal disks of the computer. The 'lsbilibop' command allows the admin to update udev properties of the devices after the configuration file has been modified. . To ease device management, bilibop-rules also provides helper scripts to: * build custom bilibop udev rules running faster than the generic ones * make some persistent and cumulative udev rules files unpersistent * use either a fake or an always-up-to-date grub device map * filter Physical Volumes, to activate only those needed by the system . This package is not designed to be used on internal disks. It works only for OS installed on removable and writable media, including LiveUSB systems. See also the bilibop-udev package. . Some features may require Linux kernel 2.6.37 or higher to work properly.


Version: 0.5.4

Section: universe/admin