How to Install bibtool in Ubuntu 18.04

Install bibtool by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bibtool


tool to manipulate BibTeX files

BibTeX provides an easy to use means to integrate citations and bibliographies into LaTeX documents. But the user is left alone with the management of the BibTeX files. BibTool is intended to fill this gap. BibTool allows the manipulation of BibTeX files which goes beyond the possibilities -- and intentions -- of BibTeX. . BibTool manipulates BibTeX database files through the command line front-end bibtool which accepts numerous options. Modifications are performed through resource instructions that allow the modification of the various internal parameters determining the behavior of BibTool; resource instructions can be grouped in resource files. The original BibTool distribution contains a sufficient set of resource file samples to perform basic, relevant manipulations. . BibTool contains a documentation written in LaTeX. . BibTool is written in C and has been compiled on various operating systems like flavors of UN*X and MSDOS machines.


Version: 2.67+ds-5

Section: universe/tex