How to Install berusky2 in Ubuntu 18.04

Install berusky2 by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install berusky2


logic game Bugs Escape 3D

The game based on Berusky that is also available for Debian, though this is the enhanced 3D version. Berusky II is a game that challenges your visual/spatial thinking and the ability to find a way to resolve a logic task. . The entire game takes place in a 3D environment while you slip into the role of different bugs and lead them out of a maze. In addition to arbitrary turning and level zooming all logical plots happen in space. . In comparison to the first part, new logical elements, a simple linear story accompanied by comic series, various 3D environments, water surfaces and others have been added.


Version: 0.10-6

Section: universe/games