How to Install belenios-tool in Ubuntu 18.04

Install belenios-tool by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install belenios-tool


verifiable voting system (command-line tool)

Belenios aims at providing an easy to use voting system, guaranteeing state-of-the-art security, namely vote privacy and verifiability. It can be used in many types of elections, ranging from scientific councils to sport associations. . It consists of a command-line tool and a web server. Both use the same backend and can be used to organize elections and perform verifications. . Security properties of the system are: * Vote privacy: No one can learn the vote of a voter. Vote privacy relies on the encryption of the votes. * End-to-end verifiablity: Every voter can check that her vote has been counted and only eligible voters may vote. End-to-end verifiablity relies on the fact that the ballot box is public (voters can check that their ballots have been received) and on the fact that the tally is publicly verifiable (anyone can recount the votes). Moreover, ballots are signed by the voter credential (only eligible voters are able to vote). . This package provides the command-line tool, which is the most convenient way to exercise the verifiability capabilities of the system. It can be used to run an election without using the web server, and to monitor an election running on a web server.


Version: 1.4+dfsg-2

Section: universe/misc