How to Install ax25mail-utils in Ubuntu 18.04

Install ax25mail-utils by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ax25mail-utils


hamradio packet utilities for fbb

This package provides utilities to download a message list or messages from a fbb AX.25 bbs: . * axgetlist - read the message list from the BBS * axgetmail - automatically download messages from the F6FBB BBS * axgetmsg - download selected messages from F6FBB BBS * home_bbs - find home BBS or force a home BBS for the callsign * msgcleanup - delete the messages with their lifetime exceeded * ulistd - collect FBB BBS messages list sent via unproto frames * update_routes - update the database of BBS and callsigns


Version: 0.13-1build1

Section: universe/hamradio