How to Install awscli in Ubuntu 18.04

Install awscli by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install awscli


Universal Command Line Environment for AWS

This package provides a unified command line interface to many Amazon Web Services. . The currently supported services include: . * AWS CloudFormation * AWS Data Pipeline * AWS Direct Connect * AWS Elastic Beanstalk * AWS Identity and Access Management * AWS Import/Export * AWS OpsWorks * AWS Security Token Service * AWS Storage Gateway * Amazon CloudWatch * Amazon ElastiCache * Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud * Amazon Elastic MapReduce * Amazon Elastic Transcoder * Amazon Redshift * Amazon Relational Database Service (Beta) * Amazon Simple Email Service * Amazon Simple Notification Service * Amazon Simple Queue Service * Amazon Simple Storage Service * Amazon Simple Workflow Service * Auto Scaling * Elastic Load Balancing


Version: 1.14.44-1ubuntu1

Section: universe/admin