How to Install awffull in Ubuntu 18.04

Install awffull by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install awffull


web server log analysis program

AWFFull is a Web server log analysis program, forked from Webalizer. It adds a number of new features and improvements, such as extended frontpage history, resizable graphs, and a few more pie charts. . Webalizer is a great weblog analysis program but hasn't been going anywhere in recent years. AWFFull takes that base and starts to fix the niggles and annoyances and hopefully become a useful enhancement. . As a base, weblizer has a stated goal of producing web server analysis. AWFFull on the other hand, will gradually focus more on the business intelligence contained within those logs - and not specifically limited just to web server logs. . Major Enhancements vs. Webalizer . The frontpage history can now cover more than 12 months. StyleSheets (CSS) are supported. Customise to your hearts content! The log type can be auto-detected Can process: CLF, Combined, Squid, FTP XFER and Domino v6 Logs All graphs are now resizable, rather than being a fixed size Config File simplification to reduce duplication of common config pairings Bookmarking numbers are tracked. Be aware that these are estimates! Backend changes: Use of PCRE lib and standard library calls to ease coding pain Pattern Matching improvements can increase the speed of a run by 50%. YMMV! 404 Errors are tracked and displayed with both the target and referrering URL Can specify what is a page or what is not.


Version: 3.10.2-5

Section: universe/web