How to Install awesome-doc in Ubuntu 18.04

Install awesome-doc by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install awesome-doc


highly configurable X window manager - documentation

awesome manages windows dynamically in floating or tiled layouts. It is primarily targeted at power users, developers, and all those dealing with everyday computing tasks and looking for fine-grained control over their graphical environment. . It is highly extensible and scriptable via the Lua programming language, providing an easy-to-use and very well documented API to configure its behavior. . awesome uses tags instead of workspaces, which gives better flexibility in displaying windows, and can be entirely keyboard-driven, not needing a mouse. It also supports multi-headed configurations; uses XCB instead of Xlib for better performance; implements many freedesktop standards; and can be controlled over D-Bus from awesome-client. . This package contains the API documentation for awesome.


Version: 4.2-4

Section: universe/doc