How to Install avarice in Ubuntu 18.04

Install avarice by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install avarice


use GDB with Atmel AVR debuggers

AVaRICE is a program which interfaces the GNU Debugger with the AVR JTAG ICE, and other debuggers, available from Atmel. It connects to gdb via a TCP socket and communicates via gdb's "serial debug protocol". . This protocol allows gdb to send commands like "set/remove breakpoint" and "read/write memory". AVaRICE translates this commands into the Atmel protocol used to control the JTAG ICE (or other) debugger. . Because the GDB-AVaRICE connection is via a TCP socket, the two programs do not need to run on the same machine. . The currently supported debuggers are: . * JTAG ICE mkI * JTAG ICE mkII * AVR Dragon


Version: 2.13+svn372-2

Section: universe/electronics