How to Install autoradio in Ubuntu 18.04

Install autoradio by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install autoradio


radio automation software

Simple to use, starting from digital audio files, manage on-air broadcasting over a radio-station or web-radio. The main components are: . * Player (gstreamer): plays all your media files and send digital sound to an audio device or audio server . * Scheduler: real time manager for emission of special audio files like jingles, spots, playlist and programs; interact with player like supervisor User . * Interface: WEB interface to monitor the player and scheduler and admin the schedules for the complete control over your station format. The web interface allows you to easily publish podcasts that conform to the RSS 2.0 and iTunes RSS podcast specifications The web interface provide a "full compatible" ogg player. . Developed with Python, Django, Dbus it works in an production environment


Version: 2.8.6-1

Section: universe/sound