How to Install autodock-getdata in Ubuntu 18.04

Install autodock-getdata by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install autodock-getdata


instructions for getData to collect compounds

This package provides instructions for getData to retrieve descriptions for sets of molecular compounds that can be used directly as input for autodock. The data is not provided direclty by this package. Only the instructions for the download are maintained here. . The FightAids@Home project of the World Community Grid publicly provides the input sets of their runs. The original structures come from the ZINC database and have been processed from the mol2 to pdbqt format by the Scripps institute: * asinex * chembridge_buildingblocks_pdbqt_1000split * drugbank_nutraceutics * drugbank_smallmol * fda_approved * human_metabolome_pdbqt_1000split * otava * zinc_natural_products . Please cite the ZINC database when using that data.


Version: 4.2.6-5

Section: universe/science