How to Install auto-apt-proxy in Ubuntu 18.04

Install auto-apt-proxy by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install auto-apt-proxy


automatic detector of common APT proxy settings

auto-apt-proxy installs itself as an APT proxy autodetector, and detects common setups by checking localhost and the network default gateway for well-known APT proxies such as apt-cacher-ng. . This package is most useful for development environments, and will Do The Right Thing for: . * build chroots, with a proxy running on the host system. * docker/lxc containers, with a proxy running on the host system. * Virtual machines with NAT networking, with a proxy running on the host * system. * any other system, with a proxy running on its default gateway. . The following APT proxy servers are supported and automatically detected: * apt-cacher-ng * approx * apt-cacher . This package has a minimal set of dependencies in order to minimize the influence on systems where it is installed. . For corporate desktop/server deployments, where the APT proxy can be located at any arbitrary host, you should probably try the `squid-deb-proxy-client` package instead.


Version: 8ubuntu2

Section: universe/net