How to Install astro-virtual-observatory in Ubuntu 18.04

Install astro-virtual-observatory by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install astro-virtual-observatory


Tools and viewers for the Virtual Observatory

This metapackage will install commonly used interfaces for interacting with datasets and archive data within the online distributed Virtual Observatory. . The Virtual Observatory allows astronomers to interrogate multiple data centers in a seamless and transparent way, provides new powerful analysis and visualization tools within that system, and gives data centers a standard framework for publishing and delivering services using their data. This is made possible by standardization of data and metadata, by standardization of data exchange methods, and by the use of a registry, which lists available services and what can be done with them. . When running, many of these tools can communicate with each other using the Simple Application Messaging Protocol (SAMP)


Version: 1.1ubuntu2

Section: universe/metapackages