How to Install artha in Ubuntu 18.04

Install artha by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install artha


Handy off-line thesaurus based on WordNet

Artha is a off-line English thesaurus with distinct features like: * hot-key press word look-up (select text on any window and press a preset hot-key for look-up) * regular expressions based search (broaden search using wild-cards like *, ?, etc.) * passive desktop notifications (of word definitions for uninterrupted work-flow) * spelling suggestions (when the exact spelling is vague/not known) . Once launched, it monitors for a preset hot-key combination. When some text is selected on any window and the hot-key is pressed, it pops-up with the word looked-up. Should the user prefer passive notifications, this can be done by enabling the notifications option. . When the term looked for is vague/not known, then either the search can be broadened with the use of regular expressions (*, ?, etc.) in the search string or spelling suggestions when a term is incorrect. . For regular expressions based search to work, wordnet-sense-index package is required.


Version: 1.0.3-3

Section: universe/utils