How to Install apt-cudf in Ubuntu 18.04

Install apt-cudf by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install apt-cudf


CUDF solver integration for APT

apt-cudf provides integration among the APT package manager and CUDF solvers, allowing APT to rely on external (CUDF-based) dependency solvers to plan package installation, upgrade, and removal. . CUDF is a distribution-independent, standard format to describe dependency solving scenarios, as faced by package managers in popular package-based GNU/Linux distributions. APT is a well-known package manager for Debian-based distributions, which is able to delegate dependency solving to external solvers, by the means of the External Dependency Solving Protocol (EDSP). . apt-cudf provides the glue between the EDSP protocol and CUDF solvers, enabling any installed CUDF solver to be used as an external solver for APT. . Several CUDF solvers are available in Debian. They all provide the cudf-solver virtual package.


Version: 5.0.1-9build3

Section: universe/admin