How to Install apel in Ubuntu 18.04

Install apel by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install apel


portable library for emacsen

APEL stands for "A Portable Emacs Library". It consists of following modules: . poe.el emulation module mainly for basic functions and special forms/macros of latest emacsen poem.el basic functions to write portable MULE programs pces.el portable character encoding scheme (coding-system) features invisible.el features about invisible region mcharset.el MIME charset related features static.el utility for static evaluation broken.el information of broken facilities of Emacs pccl.el utility to write portable CCL program alist.el utility for Association-list calist.el utility for condition tree and condition/situation-alist path-util.el utility for path management or file detection filename.el utility to make file-name install.el utility to install emacs-lisp package mule-caesar.el ROT 13-47-48 Caesar rotation utility emu.el emu bundled in tm-7.106 compatibility pcustom.el portable custom environment product.el functions for product version information


Version: 10.8+0.20120427-16

Section: universe/editors