How to Install apachedex in Ubuntu 18.04

Install apachedex by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install apachedex


Compute APDEX from Apache-style logs

APacheDEX parses Apache-style logs and generates several statistics intended for a website developer audience: . * APDEX (Application Performance inDEX, see ratio (plotted) because you want to know how satisfied your users are. . * hit count (plotted) because achieving 100% APDEX is easy when there is nobody around. . * HTTP status codes, with optional detailed output of the most frequent URLs per error status code, along with their most frequent referers because your forgot to update a link to that conditionally-used browser compatibility javascript you renamed. . * Hottest pages (pages which use rendering time the most) because you want to know where to invest time to get highest user experience improvement. . * ERP5 sites: per-module statistics, with module and document views separated because module and document types are not born equal in usage patterns.


Version: 1.6.2-1

Section: universe/python