How to Install antlr3.2-gunit-maven-plugin in Ubuntu 18.04

Install antlr3.2-gunit-maven-plugin by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install antlr3.2-gunit-maven-plugin


Maven plugin for gUnit, a unit test framework for ANTLR grammars

gUnit is a "Unit Test" framework for ANTLR grammars. It provides a simple way to write and run automated tests for ANTLR grammars in a manner similar to Java unit testing framework jUnit. The basic idea is to create a bunch of input/output pairs for rules in a grammar and gUnit will verify the expected output/result. The input can be a single line or multiple lines of strings or even an external file. The output can be simply success or failure, an abstract syntax tree (AST), a rule return value, or some text output which could be a rule's template return value. The current version of gUnit has 2 main functions, interpreter and jUnit generator. The interpreter interprets your gUnit script and runs unit tests using Java reflection to invoke methods in your parser objects. The generator, on the other hand, translates your gUnit script to jUnit Java code that you can compile and execute by hand. . This package provides the Maven plugin that allows one to run gUnit tests during a Maven build.


Version: 3.2-16

Section: universe/java