How to Install amsynth in Ubuntu 18.04

Install amsynth by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install amsynth


two oscillator software synthesizer

amSynth features: * two analogue-style audio oscillators, featuring: o sine wave o saw/triangle wave with adjustable shape o square/pulse wave with adjustable pulsewidth o noise generation o "random" wave (noise with sample & hold) o oscillator sync o of course, detune and range control * mixer section with ring modulation * analogue-style low-pass filter o 24dB/octave curve o dedicated ADSR envelope o cutoff and resonance control o keyboard pitch tracking * amplifier with dedicated ADSR envelope * modulation LFO o up to 58Hz modulation o routable to all sections (pitch, filter, amplifier) * Effects o High quality stereo reverb (freeverb) o Distortion/crunch * Easy navigation and manipulation of presets * Stand-alone OSS or ALSA Midi/Audio client


Version: 1.6.4-1

Section: universe/sound