How to Install alt-ergo in Ubuntu 18.04

Install alt-ergo by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install alt-ergo


Automatic theorem prover dedicated to program verification

Alt-Ergo is an automatic theorem prover geared towards application in program verification. It is based on CC(X), a congruence closure algorithm parameterized by an equational theory X. Alt-Ergo has built-in provers for propositional logic, linear arithmetic, uninterpreted function symbols, associative-commutative function symbols, polymorphic arrays, user-defined polymorphic record types and polymorphic enumeration types. It has restricted support for reasoning over arbitrary user-defined algebraic types, first-order quantifiers, and non-linear arithmetic. . This package contains the prover as a command-line executable as well as the graphical interface.


Version: 1.30+dfsg1-1

Section: universe/math